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Custom Meat Processing

We offer the service of processing wild and domestic meat (Beef, Pork & Buffalo, etc).

We offer this as a service for our customers to be able to “Clean Your Freezer”. The customer can bring in their boneless wild/domestic meat to be processed into “Made In House” products such as sausage, smokies, pepperoni, jerky, etc.

Available options include:

  • ALL meat must be 100% BONELESS.

  • We accept meat for processing on Saturdays & Mondays ONLY.  Meat for drop off on Saturdays may be Fresh/Thawed or Frozen.  Meat for drop off on Mondays MUST  be Fresh/Thawed.

  • If it is wild game, then all wild game must have the proper documents to go with it (License number, Tag Number, WIN Number, etc).

  • See link below for our wild game processing guidelines & the mandatory Possession of wildlife form.


For more information & pricing please contact us at the store. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Wild Game Processor Form Wild Game Processing Regulations