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There have been some changes to the ‘almost’ century old butcher and meat store in Bonnyville.

More than 90 years in business, Hamels Meat Market and Butcher also has an off-site meat processing facility. We are the best fresh meat butcher shop in Bonnyville.

Perhaps the most notable and significant change: the processing and packing that was originally performed at the back of the store has now been relocated.

The new owners from the very beginning saw the potential for growth and were prepared to bring Hamel’s Meat Market into new and exciting adventures. The vision started with increasing the processing area. The Central Processing Facility (CPF) is located at 6002 50th Ave and is an impressive 5000 square foot modern and high capacity meat cutting processing and packaging facility. As of September 1, 2020, the CPF has been operational! The same great products are being produced using the same suppliers, the same recipes and the same ingredients. The CPF allows Hamels employees to work more efficiently and safely. Once the products are packaged, they are taken to the retail store for sale; we are not selling those products from the CPF.


For more information about drop off times and processing at the CPF, visit our Custom Meat Processing page.

The CPF can be reached by calling 780-343-9933 and is located at 6002 50th Avenue in Bonnyville, AB.


Historical Retrospective:

Hamels Meat Market, located in the town of Bonnyville, Alberta. More than 90 years in business, Hamels Meat Market and Butcher also has an off-site meat processing facility. We have the best fresh meat butcher shop in Bonnyville.

Hamels Meat Market was established in Bonnyville, Alberta in the fall of 1929 by Josephat Hamel.   Pépère Joe had a built in labor force… his five sons.  Three sons would move on, leaving the two younger sons Reginald and Joffre in the business.

Reginald and Joffre bought the Butcher shop from their founding father in the year 1965.  It was a short few months later that Joffre lost his brother Reginald in a drowning accident.  Alone Joffre forged ahead.  He and his wife Janis would operate the Meat Market to this very day.

This Butcher shop has had a long lifespan.  From the year 1929 to the present day… A contribution of over 90 years strong.  With our truly productive staff, we hope to maintain the Butcher shop for many years to come, and are forever grateful for the amazing support of our fantastic longtime, new & future customers.


Former Owner & Founder

Josephat Hamel

Former Owner

Joffre Hamel

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